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    Why do high-end cosmetics rise year after year?
    DATE:2019/11/23   VISITORS:2409

    Just after New Year's Day, some high-end cosmetics once again set off a price hike. Some SK-II products have already raised prices on the 4th, and brands such as Dior and Chanel have also increased their prices.

    "The commonly used skin care essence, as long as 1210 yuan, now 1270 yuan." Yesterday afternoon, to the group of shopping malls to buy skin care products, Miss Qian found that SK-II skin care products prices.

    The counter sales staff confirmed that after the New Year's Day, some products began to implement new prices, most of which were more than ten yuan to tens of dollars, involving toner, facial cleanser, essence, etc., for example, the original price of 410 yuan skin care essence, now It costs 440 yuan.

    There are still many high-end cosmetics that are going to increase in price in the new year. Group Guangnai counter sales staff said that they have been notified that some makeup products such as lipstick, nail polish and men's perfume will increase their prices around the 15th. Dior counter staff said that from February, most products will increase the price by about 10%, involving skin care products, makeup and other categories. The company's counters also said that most products will increase by 10-20% next month, and individual products may increase by about 30%. For example, a whitening cream that sells for 380 yuan is expected to rise to 430 yuan.

    In recent years, some big-name cosmetics have been adjusted frequently, almost every year, and some brands have not only increased their prices once a year. The price adjustment range is generally between 5% and 30%. The reasons for price adjustments given by manufacturers are mostly based on raw materials and manpower. The cost is rising, and the investment in research and development is increasing. In addition to direct price adjustments, some brands will “indirect price increases” by replacing new formulas and new packaging.

    According to industry analysts, there are more and more high-end cosmetic brands entering the domestic market. Many brands have seized market share, increased advertising investment, and improved product marketing and promotion costs, which may be one of the reasons for the frequent price increase of cosmetics. .

    Consumers of high-end cosmetics are relatively less sensitive to price. Many customers are used to a brand, and they will not change other brands. The price increase of tens of hundreds of manufacturers will not affect the overall sales of the products. Will buy, which also makes manufacturers have no fear of raising prices every year.

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