SD MPEG Encoding

Make a DVD or convert a Blu-Ray disk to a DVD with a single click! Encode your input files to standard definition (SD - DVD compatible), SVCD MPEG2 format or VCD MPEG1 format with ease.

sd encode Fully automated for beginners.

HD MPEG2 Encoding

Encode your HD movies to high quality HD MPEG2 format. Later, use DVD Studio pro for HD DVD authoring or some other software for Blu-Ray authoring and burning.

hd encode Fully automated for beginners.

Movie Conversion

Convert all video formats to native Mac formats /Quick Time compatible/. Presets includes all iDevices, web video, H.264, MP4, XviD and Quick Time standard and Pro format choosing.

convert Fully automated for beginners.

Batch (multiple) files processing

Use Queue option under any section for a multiple files processing. Load file, set desired options, add to queue and thats it. Repeat for every desired file and just click start.

queue Fast, clean and easy batch processing.
  • Media player

    Built-in custom build of MPlayer to play your media - movie files and un-protected DVD and Blu-Ray discs - in full resolution with on-screen menu, subtitles support, live video filters, custom selection of audio and video tracks and more... Play virtually every media format existing in a window or at full screen mode.

  • Custom Quick Time format exporting

    Convert your media to standard and pro Quick Time formats like Apple ProRes, Apple Intermediate Codec /AIC/, Uncompressed 4:2:2, Avid, Blackmagic design and AJA formats.

  • DVD Converter module

    Convert your DVD's from Pal <-> NTSC .

  • Audio extraction

    Extract audio tracks from file, DVD or Blu-Ray disks for later editing, or re-convert to AAC stereo or surround 5:1 format.

  • Tools section

    Essential audio and video tools like audio conversion option for converting your audio tracks to MP2, MP3, MP4, AAC and WAV format, adding video or audio tracks to your movies, transcoding MKV to Quick Time MP4 and JVC .TOD without reconversion for later importing in iMovie, Final Cut Pro or X or playback with Quick Time X and latest iDevices, etc...

  • DVD Authoring

    MPEG2 multiplexing, DVD Authoring of encoded MPEG2 files with DVD menu themes, making burnable DVD image and burning on blank DVD media.

  • DVD chapters or titles extraction

    Chapters or full title extraction from DVD in original MPEG2 format.

  • Full subtitles support

    Load or use internal file's subtitle during re-conversion. All major subtitle formats and languages are supported.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Where to buy / upgrade to MPEG2 Works 5?

There is a Store link at the top, main, menu and on the bottom menu which will take you to MPEG2 Works 5 Kagi store where you can purchase the application. Registered users of version 4 can upgrade to version 5 for modest fee of 10$ also in my Kagi store following the link from "Check for updates" within MPEG2 Works 4.

Do I need MPEG2 Component for Quick Time?

MPEG2 Component for Quick Time is not essential for MPEG2 Works 5 but it is highly recomanded if you mainly use the app for encoding the clean Quick Time formats. That component serves as a decoder of input file for MPEG encoder and also with that component installed you will be able to open and play MPEG2 files with Quick Time. Please note that you need that component only on Mac OSX 10.5 and 10.6. On later Mac OSX systems it comes preinstalled so you dont have to buy it and install. You can pusrchase MPEG2 Component on Apple site.

Some MKV files goes out of sync after encoding/conversion?

If that happens please use freeware MKVtoolsnix or MKVmerge app (find both on to remultiplex your MKV. As you probably aware there is a lot of tools for making MKV files and, where major of them works good, there is also some which works very poorly. Among other informations MKV container stores the FPS info (video track frame rate) and usually that info is valid but sometimes is wrong. Open your MKV in Quick Time (make sure you have installed Perian component), check the frame rate and input it manually in MKVmerge app after loading your file and then just remultiplex it. After few moments you will get new MKV which will play and decode like it should.

Does it works with AVCHD files and other camera recording formats?

Yes, it works with AVCHD files without problems. Basically, anything that you can play with Play option within MPEG2 Works 5 it can be processed with encoder and converter. There is a LOT of various camera recording formats out there and, as you probably guessed already, almost all of them varies from one model to another although they uses same movie container. If you run onto troubles with your camera files please contact me via support email address and send me a small sample of your recording to check it out and let you know what to do.

Screenshots (more on M2W Facebook page)